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La Souris Sourini

Bieden vanaf € 1100,- Snorscooter Overig Overig matzwart

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Overig Overig matzwart
Overig Overig matzwart

196 keer bekeken sinds 10 juni


I'm selling my scooter. Absolutely new, bought in February from the La Souris store . After 500km the standard check of the scooter was made (filters, oils were changed), after 1500km there was one more inspection (All extracts and other documents are available). The scooter has some outside scratches after it fell due to a storm (This was the only one time the scooter fell, the documents from insurance expert are present). It was used exclusively for personal use. After 2,100km the cylinder and chain were replaced. The scooter also has a boost of up to 39km/h. Kept in the garage. Bargaining is appropriate only with real buyers on the spot.


Categorie Scooters
Merk Overig
Type Overig
Bouwjaar 2021
Km. stand 2250
Uitvoering Snorscooter 25 km/u
Conditie Zo goed als nieuw
Motortype 4-takt motor
Garantie Met garantie
Basiskleur Matzwart
Meegeleverde accessoires

Deze scooter kan worden opgehaald of afgeleverd.

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Artiom Dmitrijev
uit Groningen


Je kan bieden op deze Overig Overig, maar je bod moet wel hoger zijn dan € 1100,-


Er zijn nog geen biedingen geplaatst.

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